LS9 Valvetrain Kit

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LS9 Valvetrain Kit

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LS9 Valvetrain Kit
A convenient way to get all the high-quality, lightweight components you need for your LS9 Cylinder Head build (P/N 12621773)! This kit can be used with other LS Rectangular Port Heads, as well, except for the LS7 and small-bore LSX. Note that two kits are required to assemble a pair of heads.

This Kit Includes:

12605524 (4) Titanium Intake Valve (2.165")
12605525 (4) Sodium Filled Exhaust Valve (1.590")
12625033 (8) LS9 Beehive Valve Spring
12565209 (8) Valve Seal-Exhaust (Integral Seal & Spring Seat)
12596508 (8) Valve Spring Caps
10166345 (16) Valve Stem Keys (not shown)
12565208 (8) Valve Seal-Intake (Integral Seal & Spring Seat)
19302366 (4) Rocker Arm Wear Pads (Intake valve only)

NOTE: Components are used in the LS9 CNC-ported Cylinder Head Assembly (P/N 19328743).

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