Chevrolet Performance Connect and Cruise Rebate

LS376/515 Manual Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain System

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LS376/515 Manual Connect & Cruise Crate Powertrain System

Product Details

The LS3 gets a big cam and carbureted intake manifold for an additional 120 horsepower! "On Special!"


What's Hot about the Chevrolet Performance LS 376/515 HP LS3 Crate Engine?

  • Bigger Cam!
  • Carbed intake
  • 24-month GMPP warranty

You know that the LS3 Crate Engine is the hot new small block V8 in the GM arsenal, but you still want more. We proudly offer you the Chevrolet Performance LS 376/515 HP LS3 Crate Engine, an upgraded LS3 that is equipped with an aggressive camshaft and Chevrolet Performance's exclusive carbureted intake manifold. Two simple upgrades that add up to 515 horsepower - a 115 horsepower bump over the stock LS3. To match the high flow rate of the LS3 cylinder heads, our Chevrolet Performance engineers installed the "ASA Hot Cam" (p/n 12480110). This is a hydraulic roller camshaft that offers up .525-inch intake and exhaust valve lift numbers and duration @ .05-inch of 226 intake and 236 exhaust. It truly is a "hot cam" that offers up an aggressive lope at idle and a buzz saw power band that never stops. The Chevrolet Performance engineers coupled that aggressive camshaft and high flowing cylinder head design with our new carbureted intake manifold specific for the L92/LS3 cylinder heads (p/n 25534401). The manifold offers a dramatic increase in horsepower and a simplified installation. If you like what you see with the new LS3, you'll love the LS 376/515. It's everything you want in a small block V8 - big power, simple package, and a big-inch foundation. The Chevrolet Performance intake allows for an easy installation that you will find familiar while still being very powerful. The LS 376/515 LS Crate Egnine- the next great small block from Chevrolet Performance.

Connect & Cruise System Components:

Part Number: Connect & Cruise CPSLS376515T56
Engine: 19370412
Transmission: 19352208
Transmission Installation Kit: 19301625

Engine Specifications

  • LS376 / 515 (376 cu in)
  • 533 hp @ 6600 rpm
  • 477 lb.-ft. @ 5200 rpm
  • 10.7:1 compression ratio

Transmission Specifications Manual

  • T56 Super Magnum six-speed manual
  • Slip-yoke design, 40-tooth reluctor ring
  • 2.66 first gear ratio, 0.63 overdrive ratio
  • 33.6 inches long (approx.)

This is a Chevrolet Performance product.

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