Chevy Big Block Pushrod Exhaust

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Chevy Big Block Pushrod Exhaust

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Chevrolet Performance offers a complete line of premium-quality, heavy-duty pushrods for most GM Big-Block engines. Pushrods are that critical link between the camshaft and the rocker arms. These seemingly innocuous parts play a very important role in the combustion process. Two materials are used: 1010 mild steel for high-performance street cars, power boats, and limited competition applications, and 4130 chrome-moly steel for maximum-performance racing engines. Chevrolet Performance pushrods are case-hardened for use with pushrod guideplates. Pushrods are available in standard and extended lengths.

Part Number: 88961558
Material: 4130 Steel
Diameter: 3/8"
Length: 8.900"
Usage: Hydraulic Roller
Port: Exhaust
Description: Chrome-moly 1-piece for 572/620 (Tall Deck Block)

WarningCalifornia Proposition 65 Warning