Stage 3 Kit, 2004 ION Red Line

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Stage 3 Kit, 2004 ION Red Line

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Stage 3 Kit for Cobalt SS/ION Red Line
Take your Cobalt SS or ION Red Line to the next level with our Stage 3 Off-Road Kit!

The Stage 3 kit consists of the following:
• Smaller, 76mm supercharger pulley
• 2-pass intercooler end plate
• Unique PCM, which includes a calibration for the smaller pulley, an adjustable rev limiter, a 100-octane mode, and a nitrous control algorithm

Our Stage 3 Kit will take your supercharged Ecotec 2.0L engine to a whole new level of performance. Stage 3 takes horsepower output to 248 horsepower on 93 octane fuel and to 260 horsepower on 100 octane fuel. In addition to the power increase, you’ll also get an adjustable rev limiter and calibration for a 50-shot of nitrous (nitrous kit not included). For best power, we recommend also installing a high-flow exhaust.
This PCM is equipped with a user-adjustable rev limit from 6,750 to 8,000 rpm. The rev limit is adjusted by pressing on the throttle pedal with the ignition on and engine off. At about 50 percent throttle, the tachometer will show the current rev limit.Pressing the throttle further will adjust the rev limit in 250 rpm increments. This PCM is also equipped with a control scheme for the equivalent of a 50-horsepower shot of nitrous. The PCM will automatically provide the proper spark and fuel for nitrous up to 500 rpm below the current selected rev limit when the trigger is activated.

NOTE: The Stage 3 Kit is for off-road use only. The Stage 3 upgrades are meant for off-road use only and are not certified to be emissions-legal. The vehicle’s air conditioning is disabled by the Stage 3 PCM.

NOTE: This kit is an upgrade to Stage 2. It requires the following parts from the Stage 2 Kit: high-flow fuel injectors, pulley adapter hub and serpentine belt.

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