Beehive Spring Conversion Kit

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Beehive Spring Conversion Kit

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Beehive Spring Conversion Kit
Convert the valvetrain on your aluminum Fast Burn heads to the beehive-type system used on Chevrolet Performance’s latest Fast Burn heads (P/N 19300955) – and used on the SP350, ZZ5, ZZ6, SP383 and ZZ383 crate engines, and CT400 – to gain greater high-rpm capability and valvetrain stability. The springs, retainers and other hardware are direct replacements for the conventional springs and hardware, with no machining of the valve spring seat required. The engine’s existing intake and exhaust valves are retained, allowing installation without cylinder head removal if compressed air or another method is used to hold the valves closed. The engine’s existing rocker arms are also retained.

The kit comes with components to convert a pair of cylinder heads, including:
12625033 (16) Spring
19301708 (16) Cap
19301707 (16) Seat
19301709 (32) Keeper
NOTE: The conversion kit is intended only for Fast Burn heads and is not compatible with Vortec heads because of insufficient room for the spring seats.
Service Kit Includes:
12499224 (16) Spring 16
19303149 (8) Cap 8
19303150 (8) Seat 8
19302868 (16) Keeper 16
NOTE: Must use with P/N 19210728 or P/N 1921079 Rocker Arms for adequate clearance.

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