LT1 Dry Sump Accessory Drive System

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LT1 Dry Sump Accessory Drive System

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The easiest and most convenient way to finish your LS engine and get it ready to run in your vehicle is with one of our serpentine accessory drive systems. They include the accessories, brackets, drive belts and hardware your engine needs, saving you the time of sourcing them individually. They’re all-inclusive systems that bolt right onto the engine for a factory fit and appearance.

LT1 Accessory Drive System
This package includes production mounting brackets, hardware and drive belt to mount the alternator and A/C compressor in the same configuration as the LT1 equipped Stingray.

NOTE: Power steering is not included, as the production car has electric assist.

The system includes:
22868687 (1) Generator
11546413 (3) Bolt - Gen (2), Tensioner (1)
12668977 (1) Tensioner
11588730 (3) Bolt - Tensioner (1) Compressor (2)
12639512 (1) Bracket, A/C Compressor
12651112 (1) Belt - Generator & A/C Compressor
11612159 (1) Stud - A/C Compressor Bracket
11610091 (1) Nut - M8x1.25
23370609 (1) Compressor
11588694 (1) Bolt - A/C Compressor to Bracket - Long bolt
11610074 (1) Bolt - A/C Bracket
22942442 (1) Emblem


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