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ZZ572/720R Deluxe Crate Engine

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ZZ572/720R Deluxe Crate Engine

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A 10-second car is quick, but the ZZ572/720R could achieve that with a couple of its spark plugs left in the pits. It is the king of all Rat engines and is capable of pulling your bracket racer or heads-up challenger down the 1320 in the 9-second range.

The ZZ572/720R's true value lies in its ready-to-run status when delivered. Rather than waiting weeks for a racing engine shop to build a custom combination, we deliver the ZZ572/720R fully assembled; just bolt on the included Dominator-style 1150-cfm carburetor, along with a starter and fuel pump (not included) and you're ready to go.

The ZZ572/720R is built with the best stuff we can find, including an all-forged rotating assembly, rectangular-port aluminum cylinder heads with 113-cc intake ports, and 2.25/1.88-inch valves. There's also a solid roller camshaft with 0.714/0.714-inch lift.

If you're building the ultimate dual-purpose car, the ZZ572/720R is suitable for limited forays on the street. It has a 12.0:1 compression ratio, so make sure you've got access to 110-octane gasoline before hitting the local cruise night!

GM Performance ZZ572/720 Deluxe


Part Number: 19201334
Engine Type: Chevy Tall Deck Big-Block V-8
Displacement (cu. in.): 572
Bore x Stroke (in.): 4.560 x 4.375
Block (P/N 19212195): Cast-iron with four-bolt main caps
Crankshaft (P/N 88961554): Forged steel
Connecting Rods (P/N 19170198): Forged steel, shot peened
Pistons (P/N 88963227): Forged aluminum
Camshaft Type (P/N 24502611): Mechanical roller
Camshaft Lift (in.): .714 intake / .714 exhaust
Camshaft Duration (@.050 in.): 278° intake / 282° exhaust
Cylinder Heads (P/N 88961160): Aluminum rectangular port, 118-cc chambers
Valve Size (in.): 2.250 intake / 1.880 exhaust stainless steel
Compression Ratio: 12:1
Rocker Arms (P/N 12361323): Aluminum, roller style
Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.7:1
Distributor (P/N 10093387): Electronic ignition
Carburetor (P/N 19170096): 1150-cfm Dominator
Water Pump (P/N 19168602): Aluminum, short-style
Spark Plugs and Wires: Included
Recommended Fuel: 110-octane race gas
Ignition Timing: Base 8° BTDC, 36° Total Maximum
Recommended rpm: 6750
Balanced: Internal

Installation Notes

  • Due to crate fitment, the carburetor is shipped in a separate box and needs to be installed by an engine installer
  • Clutch linkage boss is now drilled and tapped. When using cast-iron exhaust manifolds, lower head bolts may need to be replaced with bolts with shorter heads for clearance
  • Requires addition of starter, ignition coil, and fuel pump (not included)
  • Gen VI tall-deck block has machined mechanical fuel pump boss
  • Comes with a 14-inch automatic transmission flexplate. Requires internally balanced flywheel for manual transmission applications
  • Designed for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicle
  • Not intended for marine applications
  • Big sticky slicks will help hook up this monster

This is a Chevrolet Performance product.

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