Standard Deck Bowtie Race Block

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Standard Deck Bowtie Race Block

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If you’re looking to build a drag racing engine capable of producing 1,200 horses or more, a Chevrolet Performance cast-iron Bowtie Race Block is your starting point. It is designed for engine builders who want to custom-machine their blocks for specific racing applications. Toward that end, these premium castings have thick deck surfaces, improved oiling, improved coolant flow and splayed 4-bolt steel bearing caps. Everything is secured with premium fasteners. The combination of a Chevrolet Performance cast-iron Bowtie Race Block and your unique engine building skills will put you down the track ahead of the competition.

Cast-iron Bowtie Race Block Technical Notes:
• Precision CNC-machining means +/- 0.005" tolerances
• Blocks are available in short deck (9.800") or tall deck (10.200")
• A sonic bore check data sheet is provided with each block
• Siamese cylinder bores
• Improved cooling around number-1 cylinder
• Accepts Mark IV or Gen V, VI cylinder heads
• Use Gen V head gaskets with Mark IV and Gen V cylinder heads
• Use Gen VI head gaskets with Gen VI cylinder heads
• Requires Mark IV design 2-piece rear main seal oil pans
• Requires Mark IV design crankshafts
• Can use Mark IV and Gen V, VI camshafts, timing sets, lifters and timing cover (aftermarket belt-drive timing covers may require clearancing)
• Blind-tapped head bolt holes; extra inner head bolt bosses provided
• 4-bolt SAE 8620 main caps splayed 16° on the three center mains
• Priority main oiling wet-sump system
• Provisions for dry-sump oil line provided
• Honed camshaft and crankshaft bores
• 0.842" lifter bores (maximum 1.06") may be relocated
• Distributor gear clearance at bottom of number-8 cylinder bore should be checked
• Machined mechanical fuel pump pad

Standard Deck Bowtie Race Bare Block
• CNC-machined cast-iron 4-bolt block
• 4.240" finished bore
• 4.600" max bore (.250" min. wall thickness)
• Standard deck height (9.800")
• Lifter bosses are .300" taller than standard blocks
• Tested to 1,200 horsepower!

Part Number: 19212196
Casting Number: 24502506B
Deck Height: 9.800"
Fuel Pump Boss: Yes
Cylinder Wall: Siamese
Bore Range: 4.240" - 4.600"
Main Bolt: 4
Main Bolt Degree: 16°
Cap Material: Steel
Crank Journal Diameter : 2.750"
Oiling: Wet
Seal Type: 2 Piece
Max Stroke: 4.500"
Weight (lbs): 281
Max HP: 1200
Usage: Pro

WarningCalifornia Proposition 65 Warning