Tall Deck Bowtie Sportsman Bare Block

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Tall Deck Bowtie Sportsman Bare Block

Product Details

Big-Blocks with big power are what you get when you select a Chevrolet Performance Bowtie Sportsman block for your drag racing or extreme street-performance application. These blocks comprise a full line of high-quality, precision-machined components based on performance-proven GM designs. The extensive lineup of blocks makes choosing the perfect block easy – and our quality and precision machining is second to none.

The blocks are CNC-machined, an automated process that guarantees precise tolerances. There are no approximations on these blocks– they’re exactly right, which is critical to obtaining maximum performance. Chevrolet Performance offers more CNC-machined blocks than anyone.

The highest-quality materials are used to cast our Sportsman Bowtie blocks. They are also available as tall decks, allowing you to make more cubic inches with larger-stroke crankshafts. These blocks can easily be bored and stroked to 500-or-more cubic inches. They can be fitted with one-piece or two-piece crankshaft seals for a smaller chance of oil leaks (one-piece seals) or more aftermarket components attachments (two-piece seals).

The Bowtie Sportsman blocks are available with splayed main caps, which have additional material holding the crankshaft in place. The caps are splayed at 16 degrees. Chevrolet Performance uses splayed main caps throughout the entire line of performance-built Big-Blocks.

Chevrolet Performance Bowtie Sportsman Blocks are ideal for drag racers or street machines where the goal is 800 horsepower and long-lasting reliability.

Bowtie Sportsman Block Technical Notes:
• Available in short deck (9.800") or tall deck (10.200") configurations
• Blocks have clearance for 4.500" stroke crankshafts
• CNC-machined to +/- .005" tolerance
• Siamese cylinder bores
• Bore finishes are ready to hone to size
• Machined for mechanical fuel pump
• Machined for hydraulic roller and flat tappets
• Nodular iron 4-bolt main caps splayed 16° on the three center mains
• Priority main oiling system
• Blocks with a 1-piece Rear Main Seal use the 6-bolt, Gen VI-style front cover (P/N 10230954) and Gen VI-style oil pan
• Blocks with a 2-piece Rear Main Seal use the 10-bolt, Mark IV-style front cover and Mark IV-style oil pan

Tall Deck Bowtie Sportsman Bare Block
• 2-piece rear main seal
• CNC-machined cast-iron 4-bolt block
• 4.494" finished bore
• 4.600" max bore
• Tested to 800 horsepower!

Part Number: 19212194
Casting Number: 24502506B
Deck Height: 10.200"
Fuel Pump Boss: Yes
Cylinder Wall: Siamese
Bore Range: 4.494" - 4.600"
Main Bolt: 4
Main Bolt Degree: 16°
Cap Material: Nodular
Crank Journal Diameter : 2.750"
Oiling: Wet
Seal Type: 2 Piece
Max Stroke: 4.500"
Weight (lbs): 263
Max HP: 800
Usage: Sport

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