400 Main, 350 Bore Size Bowtie Sportsman Block, 2-Piece Rear Main Seal

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400 Main, 350 Bore Size Bowtie Sportsman Block, 2-Piece Rear Main Seal

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Step up to serious street/strip performance when you choose a Chevrolet Performance Sportsman Block. These iron blocks provide a rock-solid foundation for any application in the 350 – 500-horsepower range, be it drag strip, circle track or high-performance street machine. These highly versatile blocks are available in a variety of finish options that enable maximum flexibility for building a wide range of engine combos. Most of the blocks have siamesed cylinder walls and 4-bolt main caps that are secured with Grade-8 bolts. Chevrolet Performance Bowtie Sportsman Blocks have 9.025-inch deck heights.

Bowtie Sportsman Block Technical Notes:
• Standard 9.025-inch deck height
• Nominal cylinder wall thickness is 0.340-inch
• Minimum cylinder wall bore thickness on 4.155-inch bore is 0.225-inches (excluding P/N 10051181, 10051183, and 10185047)
• Extra-thick deck surfaces have blind-tapped bolt holes for improved head gasket sealing
• Priority main oiling system
• Main bearing bulkheads are 0.900-inch thick and use Grade-8 bolts
• All five cam bearing locations require 2.000-inch O.D. (1.867-inch I.D.) bearings P/N 12370843 (except block P/N 10051183)
• Tall lifter bore blocks may require clearancing the top of the lifter bores for some roller lifters
• Lifter valley oil scavenging boss below bell housing flange is present, but not drilled and tapped
• Oil dipstick holes are not drilled
• Timing system clearance must be checked

400 Main, 350 Bore Size Bowtie Sportsman Block, 2-Piece Rear Main Seal
• CNC-machined cast-iron competition block
• +/-0.001" machining tolerances
• 4-bolt nodular mains, splayed caps on center three mains
• 3.980" finished bore
• 4.155" max bore (siamesed cylinder bores)
• Extra-smooth gasket surfaces for better seal
• Tall lifter bores

Part Number: 12480049
Casting Number: 10051184
Deck Height: 9.025"
Lifter Pattern: Standard
Cylinder Wall: Siamese
Bore Range: 3.980" - 4.155"
Main Bolt: 4
Main Bolt Degree: 20°
Cap Material: Nodular
Crank Journal Size: 400
Oiling: Wet
Seal Type: 2 Piece
Max Stroke: 3.750"
Weight (lbs): 208
Max HP: 500
Usage: Amateur

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