Semi-Finished SB2.2 Design R0X Al. Cylinder Head

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Semi-Finished SB2.2 Design R0X Al. Cylinder Head

Product Details

Semi-Finished SB2.2 Design R0X Aluminum Cylinder Head Fully CNC-machined aluminum race head Has cast ports and combustion chambers for professional finishing Machined for 4.500 bore center R0X cylinder block P/N 25534453 Special spread head-bolt pattern, 3/8 fasteners, 19 holes Machined with additional .070 material on deck face. Valve centerlines moved apart .100 for additional valve clearance and larger valves Valve angles are 11' x 4' intake, and 7' x 2' exhaust Exhaust port positions are slightly reoriented, but same bolt pattern as standard SB2.2 As cast 'peanut' intake ports As cast 'peanut' exhaust ports 28cc 'as-cast' combustion chambers

WarningCalifornia Proposition 65 Warning