Chevy Small Block Windage Tray

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Chevy Small Block Windage Tray

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Oil is your engine’s lifeblood and a high-quality Chevrolet Performance oil pan keeps it where it belongs. Our properly designed and manufactured oil pans fit right and, along with matching gaskets, prevent leaks for years of trouble-free service. Chevrolet Performance has oil pans for street and competition applications.

(Oil pans are sold without dipsticks or other hardware unless otherwise specified.)

It’s important to note that Chevrolet V-8 and V-6 engines were redesigned in 1986 to include a one-piece rear main seal. That change required a correspondingly new oil pan design. For pre-1986 engines, there is a newer one-piece pan gasket available. Oil pans and gaskets are not interchangeable between early and late design engines. Blocks that have been machined for a one-piece real main seal require seal adapter P/N 10051118 and must use the newer-style oil pan and gasket.

Windage Tray
• Separates the oil in the pan sump from the rotating crank assembly to reduce aeration of the oil
• Aids in oil control and minimizes oil slosh under hard braking
• Use with oil pan P/N 360450

NOTE: Requires five mounting studs P/N 14087508 for 1968-and-later blocks. Use mounting studs P/N 3872718 with pre-1968 blocks. On 400-cubic-inch Small-Blocks the baffle requires modifying by elongating mounting holes. Check tray clearance with long-stroke crankshafts and/or non-stock connecting rods.

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