Gen 5 Z/28 Rear Differential Module Cooler Kit

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Gen 5 Z/28 Rear Differential Module Cooler Kit

Product Details

The Camaro Z/28 is equipped with an RDM cooling system that circulates cooled transmission fluid through a heat exchanger integrated into the RDM cover. This innovative system reduces oil temperature by over 100°F, helping the differential maintain cool, stable performance throughout the most aggressive track driving sessions. The Z/28 system has greater heat rejection capability than competitors’ air cooled RDMs helping to prevent differential component damage from high temperature oil degradation. The integral heat exchanger design also eliminates the weight, noise and complexity of a dedicated external pump and its associated hardware, seen in many aftermarket systems. This Z/28 based RDM cooling kit can be applied to any 2010+ Camaro SS with a manual transmission.

Kit Includes:
• Z/28 RDM cover with gasket
• Upper and lower fluid lines
• All mounting hardware, clips brackets, and bolts for proper installation

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