Gen 5 SS V-8 Camaro to ZL1 Brembo® Front Brake Conversion Kit

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Gen 5 SS V-8 Camaro to ZL1 Brembo® Front Brake Conversion Kit

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Gen 5 SS V-8 Camaro to ZL1 Brembo® Front Brake Conversion Kit
Upgrade the front brakes on your 2010-2015 Camaro SS with the larger brakes from the supercharged Camaro ZL1 – including racing-style two-piece, 14.6-inch front rotors and six-piston Brembo aluminum calipers, in black with the ZL1 logo. That gives improved performance over the 14-inch rotors/four-piston calipers on SS models.

The ZL1 two-piece rotors offer greater resistance to warping and potentially longer rotor life, as well as reduced weight. The design features a separate cast-iron rotor brake ring mounted to an aluminum “hat” that attaches the brake assembly to the wheel hub. The hat and brake ring cool at different rates, which helps the rotor dissipate heat more effectively. This racing-style disc design enhances braking performance under track operating conditions. Kit includes two rotors, two calipers, pads and mounting hardware.

Add the optional ZL1 rear caliper kit, P/N 23104466, to complement the style of the ZL1 front caliper.

The system includes:
22960684 (1) Front Installation Sheet
20795300 (1) ZL1 Front LH Rotor
20944529 (1) ZL1 Front LH Caliper
20944530 (1) ZL1 Front RH Caliper
25940448 (2) SPO Front Caliper Pin Kit
25940447 (1) SPO Front Service Pad Kit
20944523 (1) ZL1 Front LH Hose
20944532 (1) ZL1 Front LH Shield
20795302 (1) ZL1 Front RH Rotor
20944522 (1) ZL1 Front RH Hose
20944531 (1) ZL1 Front RH Shield
11570788 (4) Caliper-to-Knuckle Bolts
11569590 (2) Front Hose Bolts
21012386 (4) Front Hose Washers
22942442 (1) Chevrolet Perf. Badge

NOTE: Requires 20" wheels for caliper clearance.

For V-6 Conversion use Complete Kit P/N 22989384 (front and rear)

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