Camaro ZL1 HD Driveline Kit (Automatic Transmission)

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Camaro ZL1 HD Driveline Kit (Automatic Transmission)

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Gen 5 Camaro ZL1 HD Driveline Kit – Automatic
If you’re building an ultimate-performance 2010-2015 Camaro, Chevrolet Performance’s Camaro ZL1 Driveline Kit delivers the strength required to put big power to the pavement. This kit features the specialty components from the production Camaro ZL1, including a larger, stronger 9.9-inch cast iron differential housing, stronger axles and heavy-duty limited-slip differential. This patent-pending system is designed to ensure that the ZL1’s tremendous power is delivered smoothly to the ground. A rear-differential cooler is incorporated and reduces temperatures in the differential by more than 100° F (fluid lines must be installed). Asymmetrical half-shafts – a 60mm hollow shaft on the right and a 33mm solid shaft on the left – offer different torsional stiffness rates, which work with the limited-slip differential to minimize the chance of wheel hop on hard launches. Also included is a stronger ZL1 prop shaft. The trans flange included in the kit will not be required for the SS1LE or Z/28 applications.

NOTE: This change will affect the indicated vehicle speed. Recalibration is required for accurate speedometer reading. Not available from Chevrolet Performance.

Automatic system includes:
22960156 (1) Propshaft
20931134 (1) RDM
22960153 (2) RDM Plug/cap
22953760 (1) LH Halfshaft
22953759 (1) RH Halfshaft
24256909 (1) Trans Flange
24256278 (1) Trans Flange Nut
22960155 (1) I-Sheet
11611234 (2) Driveshaft Nut
11611965 (2) Driveshaft Washer
11611335 (3) Prop-to-Trans Bolt
11611365 (3) Prop-to-Trans Nut
11611336 (3) Prop-to-RDM Bolt
11515758 (2) Prop-to-Frame Bolt
11516878 (3) RDM-to-Cradle Bolt
11516078 (3) RDM-to-Cradle Nut
22942442 (1) Chevrolet Performace Badge

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