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Cast Iron Rocket Block (Standard Deck with Wet Sump) Precision CNC-machined (+/- 0.001) cast iron competition Rocket Block 9.025 deck (min 0.625 thickness) 4-bolt SAE 8620 20' splayed main caps on center 3 mains (2-bolt steel front and rear mains) Camshaft raised .390 to 4.912 Uses big-block cam bearings (no small base circle cams here!) 3.986 rough-finished extra-thick siamese bore 4.180 max bore (min .225 wall thickness) Standard 4.400 bore spacing Can run up to 4.125 stroker crankshaft for big power Oil pan rails are spread .400 per side for extra stroke clearance (special oil pan required) Bottom of bores and oil pan rails may require notching with large strokes for connecting rod and counterweight clearance 350 main journal size Priority main wet sump oiling system (remote oil filter only) Two-piece crankshaft seal Dual starter mounts Bosses for side and front engine mounts Fuel pump mounting boss Tested to over 500 horsepower!

WarningCalifornia Proposition 65 Warning