LS3 Power Upgrade Kit – Deluxe

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LS3 Power Upgrade Kit – Deluxe

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LS3 Power Upgrade Kit – Deluxe

Increase the power of the LS3 engine in your Corvette or Camaro SS by 40 horsepower with Chevrolet Performance’s high-performance heads-and-cam kit. Developed by Chevrolet Performance engineers as a direct replacement for the factory-installed heads and camshaft (tuning required), the kit includes our CNC-ported LS3 cylinder heads, which flow more than 350 cfm (intake side), with 276cc intake runners and 2.165"/1.590" valves. The high-lift LS7 camshaft makes the most of the heads' generous airflow attributes, holding the big valves open so the engine can process more air. This kit fits other LS-family engines with at least 4.000" bores. Includes cylinder heads, camshaft and components needed to complete the job.

Kit Includes:
88958758 (2) CNC LS3 Cyl Head
12638426 (1) LS7 Camshaft
12623754 (1) Camshaft Sprocket
11588723 (3) Cam Bolts
12610046 (2) Head Gasket
19258707 (20) Head Bolts
12602540 (2) Cover
12617944 (2) Exhaust Manifold Gasket
12557840 (2) Crankshaft Bolt

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