Chevy LS7 7.0L Corvette Bare Block

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Chevy LS7 7.0L Corvette Bare Block

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The LS-Series cylinder block is the foundation for the serious performance achievements that are driving a new generation of street and racing enthusiasts. Features include a deep-skirt casting (the block side extends below the crankshaft centerline); 6-bolt cross-bolted main caps, strong and lightweight aluminum alloy casting (most production blocks) and provisions for the latest in engine control management. The cam-in-block configuration brings inherent torque to every LS engine, with production-based blocks capable of supporting combinations of 500 horsepower or more. The Corvette ZR1’s unique 6.2L block, for example, supports the engine’s 638-horsepower rating. Chevrolet Performance’s high-performance iron LSX cylinder block supports more than 2,000 forced-induction horses!

Whether you’re building a mild street engine or an Outlaw racing engine, starting with a strong LS cylinder block brings the assurance that you’ll make the power you need with a durable foundation.

LS7 7.0L Corvette Bare Block
• Direct replacement for 2006-2014 7.0L LS7 engine
• Production 319-T5 aluminum block with pressed-in iron sleeves
• Production oiling system
• 6-bolt dowel located steel main bearing caps
• 9.240" deck height
• For use with any LS or LSX series head
• 4.125" finished bore (104.78mm), deck plate honed
• Siamese cylinder bores for large bore size
• No provision for active fuel management
• Based on C5R block development
• Tested to over 500 horsepower!

Parts required to complete your LS7 Block:
12570471 (1) Valley Cover
11588949 (6) Plug
12589016 (1) Camshaft Retainer
11611351 (1) Plug
11610259 (1) Plug, Cylinder Head
11515756 (5) M8 x 1.25 Flanged Hex Head Bolt
12570326 (4) Dowel, Cylinder Head Locating
12639250 (1) Rear Cover Assembly
12573460 (1) Oil Plug
12618422 (1) Windage Tray
09427693 (4) Plug
01453658 (2) Dowel, Bell housing Locating
12561663 (1) Plug
12677836 (1) Oil Pressure Sensor
12585546 (1) Crankshaft Position Sensor
12598293 (1) Cover
12585673 (1) Seal - Front Cover
12633904 (1) Gasket - Front Cover
11515758 (8) Bolt
12591720 (1) Sensor - Camshaft position
11588712 (1) Bolt

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