COPO CAMARO LS 327 - 4.0 Crate Engine

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COPO CAMARO LS 327 - 4.0 Crate Engine

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The most powerful supercharged COPO crate engine is designed for NHRA's A Super Stock class and uses a large, 4.0L compressor to generate tremendous horsepower. Its foundation is the sturdy LSX cylinder block, with a tough, all-forged rotating assembly and the big-displacement Whipple blower. Like the other COPO crate engines, this one uses the high-flow LS7 heads to move as much air as possible.



  • Displacement: 327 cu in (5.3L)
  • Compression Ratio: 10.2:1
  • Cylinder Block: LSX cast iron
  • Bore x Stroke (in): 4.065 x 3.150
  • Crankshaft: Forged steel
  • Connecting Rods: Forged steel
  • Pistons: Forged dome
  • Cylinder Heads: LS7 aluminum
  • Induction: Boosted
  • Intake Manifold: 4.0L Whipple
  • Camshaft Type: Hydraulic roller
  • Camshaft Lift (int./exh.): .650/.650-inch
  • Camshaft Duration (int./exh.): 244/255 deg. @.50-inch


    Chevrolet Performance LSX cast-iron block with steel main caps
    4.065" bore x 3.150" stroke
    Static compression ratio — 10:1 nominal
    Callies 4340 crankshaft — double-keyed snout
    Callies 4340 H-beam Ultra rods
    • 6.350" length
    • .928" pin bore diameter
    Clevite H-Series heat-treated tri-metal rod and main bearings
    Mahle 2618 alloy forged domed pistons
    • Graphal coating
    • Hard-anodized top ring groove
    • Friction-coated skirts
    Mahle .043" x .043" x 3mm piston rings
    • Ductile iron top with radius molybdenum face
    • Plain cast-iron tapered 2nd
    • Chrome-plated oil rails with low-tension expander
    COMP Cams steel billet hydraulic roller camshaft
    • Duration — 246° IN/254° EX @ .050" lift
    • Theoretical valve lift — .630" /.630"
    • Lobe centers — 117°


    Chevrolet Performance "Ceramic Ball" high-rpm hydraulic roller tappets
    3/8" diameter LS7 pushrods
    1.8:1 ratio LS7 rocker arms with roller trunions
    PSI "Max Life" beehive valve springs
    Hardened steel spring seats
    Lightweight steel retainers
    Fully CNC'ed aluminum cylinder heads — based on LS7
    275 cc nominal intake port volume
    89 cc nominal exhaust port volume
    70 cc nominal combustion chamber volume
    Del West titanium intake valves — 2.205" head diameter x 7mm stem
    Lightweight sodium-filled exhaust valves — 1.615" head diameter x 7mm stem
    Fel-Pro Performance multi-layer steel head gaskets with raised cylinder sealing bead
    Internal wet sump oil pump
    Deep-sump cast aluminum oil pan —
    6-quart capacity
    ATI Performance Products SFI-approved damper — 10-rib shell
    4.0L Whipple twin-screw supercharger
    Whipple billet throttle body
    327/550 — 172mm oval blade


    High-impedance fuel injectors
    • 105 lb/hr @ 43.5 psi with EV1 connector


    Cable-actuated throttle
    Production LS7 ignition coils
    Production LS7 secondary wires
    GM sensors


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