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If you are in the automotive business you have to go to SEMA at least once. I'm not a big fan of Vegas, but the SEMA show is incredible! And don't forget that ATRA and AAPEX are going on the same time as SEMA. GM announced a bunch of new performance parts at the show. Check them out below. Also, if you buy an engine or transmission from us and you cannot get it to run exactly correct, please do not just let it go and figure that you will call the Contact Center later. Call right away! We have had two engines this year that were only a few weeks out of warranty that went bad and both people said it never ran right. Save yourself a bunch of money and heartache and call right away! If you have any questions or concerns please email me at and I promise to get back to you.

Chris Slack
Parts Manager

Gandrud Parts Center
Upcoming Events:
Dec. 1-3  - Performance Racing Industry Show - Orlando, FL, Click Here.

Dec. 8-10  - I.M.I.S. Racing Show - Indianapolis, IN, Click Here.

Gandrud Parts Center
Latest News:

Gandrud Parts CenterGM - GM has extended the coverage on certain 06-08 Malibu, Aura and G6 cars for catalytic converter problems. Click Here.



Gandrud Parts CenterMopar - Mopar has announced new rebates until the end of the year for both mechanical and collision parts. Click Here.
Mopar - Mopar has expanded thier line of Reman Torque Converters. Click Here.

Gandrud Parts Center

Nissan - Nissan has announced some clearance deals on Nissan Performance Parts. Click Here.

Gandrud Parts Center

Gandrud Parts Center
New Performance Parts announced at SEMA
  • 5.3L Controller Kit - You can now buy an Engine Controller kit for a 2005-09 5.3L Engine. This kit should be very popular! Click Here.
  • LS376/525 - I guess that 480HP was not enough because now GM has a LS3 injected motor with 525HP. Click Here.
  • 5.3 E-Rod - The E-Rod engine family now has a 5.3 for both Automatic and Manual Transmissions. Click Here.
  • LS9 Valvetrain Kit - Give your LS3 a stronger, more lightweight valvetrain.
    Click Here.
  • ZL1 Fuel Pump - This fuel pump delivers 66 gph at 65 psi. Click Here.
  • LSA Supercharger - On a 6.2 engine this will produce about 9 pounds of boost. Click Here.
  • LSA/LS9 Intercooler - Help keep your engine cool. Click Here.
Click Here to see pictures of Rick Moore's classic car, restored to life with a performance engine purchased from
Earn up to a $750 rebate when you purchase GM Performance Parts. Click Here.
If you have added GM Performance Parts, purchased from Gandrud Parts Center, to your ride, then we would like to show off your hotrod classic or sports car in our newsletter and website. Please send photos and a detailed description to for consideration. This is a great opportunity to get some exposure for all your passion and hard work.

 Gandrud Parts Center
Employee Spotlight - Ron Wichman
Ron has been part of the Gandrud family for 15 years. For about 12 years he worked as a driver for us but for the last three years he's been in the Shipping and Receiving Deparment for Gandrud Parts. Ron knows the ins and outs here at Gandrud and can help you with any question you may have.
Just because Ron works in the automotive industry doesn't mean that all he thinks aobut are cars, cars and more cars. Ron has quite an eclectic taste. He likes to watch old movies and also has an ear for music. He likes collecting and listening to Polka music.
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