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GM Performance CT400 New


GM Performance CT400 New GM Performance Parts
    Parts #: 19318604
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    Parts #19318604

    New and Improved Circle Track Crate Engine #19318604

    Announced July 9, 2013
    Chevrolet Performance announces the launch of the new and improved Circle Track Crate Engine (CT400), p/n 19318604, to the Chevrolet Performance Parts Program.

    The foundation is the same, sturdy iron block with four-bolt mains, a forged crankshaft and high-strength pistons, but enhancements have been made. Chevrolet Performance customers will find their 8604's coming with the new cylinder head which features "blue" beehive-style valve springs. The engine is easily identified by the Chevrolet Bowtie logo on the end of each head, formerly identified with the GM Performance Logo.

    CT400 - Circle Track Crate Engine
    Part Number # 19318604
    MSRP: $7281.25

    Features and Benefits of CT400 - Circle Track Crate Engine (19318604)

    • New Fast-Burn head asm. - 19300955
      • Chevrolet "Bowtie" logo
      • Blue beehive valve spring - 12625033
        • More consistent pressure
        • Tested to 6800 rpm
        • Installed height - 1.800"
        • Pressure @ 1800": 90lbs (+/- 5lbs)
        • Free Height: 2.122" (+/- .015")
        • Same as the LS3, CT525 Performance Spring
          • Stronger steel retainers designed for "beehive" valve springs
          • New time-serts instead of helicoil inserts - elimination of oil pass through
          • New machined steel spring seats and split key locks
        • More Durability
        • Increased Stability
        • Enhanced Consistency

      Note: All measurements were taken with Chevrolet Performance components. Use of any other type of components may yield different results.

      If Customer has an 88958604, the following can be used to upgrade:

      • Beehive Valve Spring Conversion Kit (19300952)
        • Contents:
          • valve spring seat - 19301707
          • valve spring retainer - 19301708
          • split key locks - 19301709
          • valve spring (blue) - 12625033
      • Beehive Valve Spring Service Pack
        • Contents:
          • set of 16 - Beehive valve spring (blue) - 12625033

      This is a Chevrolet Performance product.


    Price: $6,344.82