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GM Performance ZZ5 Turnkey Crate Engine Assembly

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GM Performance ZZ5 Turnkey Crate Engine Assembly GM Performance Parts
    Parts #: 19301294

    Parts #19301294

    Chevrolet Performance announces the launch of a new ZZ5 Turnkey crate engine assembly for the Chevrolet Performance Parts Program. We started with the FB385 engine, added new heads and additional content to create the New ZZ5 crate engine! Part number is 19301294

    Now Featuring 400HP!

    This Turnkey crate engine is being offered as an “all in one” convenient package. The foundation is the same, a sturdy iron block with four-bolt mains, a forged steel crankshaft, durable high-silicon (Hypereutectic Aluminum) pistons, and an aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft, but improvements have been made. Chevrolet Performance customers/enthusiast will find their ZZ5 Crate Engine coming with the new cylinder heads, which features “blue” behive-style valve springs, the same springs found in the LS3 Engine. The ZZ5 Turnkey engine also includes the Chevrolet Bowtie logo on the end of each head.

    400 hp @ 5,600 rpm 400 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm

    The ultimate 'ZZ' crate engine package

    Chevrolet Performance's all-new ZZ5 350 uses new-casting Fast Burn cylinder heads equipped with LS-style beehive valve springs for greater high-rpm performance. It's rated at 400 horsepower – more than any Small-Block engine ever offered in a production Chevrolet muscle car or Corvette!

    The new, lightweight aluminum cylinder head casting is based on the proven Fast Burn design, with large intake runners and 2.00/1.55-inch valves. New beehive-style valve springs enable greater high-rpm performance and durability. They allow the ZZ5 to rev higher to make the most of every cubic inch of air drawn through it.

    The ZZ5 is built with a brand-new block with four-bolt mains, along with a forged steel crankshaft, an aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft and durable, high-silicon pistons. Unique valve covers distinguish this new crate engine at a glance, too – along with Chevy "bow tie" insignias in the ends of the cylinder heads that let everyone know you've got the latest Chevrolet Performance hardware under the hood.

    The Turn Key engine package includes the distributor, carburetor and balancer installed. The starter, fuel pump air conditioning pump, alternator, front-end accessory drive kit and more are also included. CALL FOR PRICE

    SZZ5 350 Turn-Key Tech pecifications:

    Part Number: 19301294
    Engine Type: Chevy Small-Block V-8
    Displacement (cu in): 350
    Bore x Stroke (in): 4.000 x 3.480
    Block (P/N 10105123): Cast-iron with 4-bolt main caps
    Crankshaft (P/N 12556307): Forged steel
    Connecting Rods (P/N 10108688): Powdered metal
    Pistons (P/N 10159436): Hypereutectic aluminum
    Camshaft Type (P/N 10185071): Hydraulic roller
    Camshaft Lift (in): .474 intake / .510 exhaust
    Camshaft Duration (@.050 in): 208° intake / 221° exhaust
    Cylinder Heads (P/N 19300955): Fast Burn aluminum; 62cc chambers
    Valve Size (in): 2.000 intake / 1.550 exhaust
    Compression Ratio: 9.72:1 nominal
    Rocker Arms (P/N 10089648): Stamped steel
    Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.5:1
    Recommended Fuel: 92 octane
    Ignition Timing: Base 10° BTDC, 32° Total
    Maximum Recommended rpm: 5800
    Balanced: External

    ZZ Crate Engine Package Installation Notes

    • Comes with 12.750 externally balanced 153-tooth automatic transmission flexplate. Change to externally balanced flywheel for manual transmission applications.
    • Requires fuel line from fuel pump to carburetor
    • Fuel pump pressure is pre-set; fuel pressure regulator not required
    • Designed for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicle
    • Some assembly and minor engine tuning required
    • Designed for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicle
    • Not intended for marine application

    NOTE: Distributor with melonized steel gear MUST be used with long-blocks and Partial engines with steel camshafts, or engine damage will occur.

    This is a Chevrolet Performance product.

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