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Chevy Small Block Serpentine Accessory drive with A/C


Chevy Small Block Serpentine Accessory drive with A/C GM Performance Parts
    Parts #: 12497698
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    Parts #12497698

    Accessory drive with A/C Serpentine Accessory Drive System, with Air Conditioning Fits Gen I-style engines Deluxe kit includes all the components and hardware necessary to install on an engine with air conditioning, including water pump, alternator, power steering pump and idler bracket, belt included The system includes: 10055800 Secondary Air Injector Pump Bracket 1134344 Air Compressor Assembly, (CR4) 10129569 Idler Belt Pulley Bracket 88894005 Water Pump Kit 10055880 Water Pump Pulley 10055879 Crankshaft Pulley 10463172 Alternator Assembly (reman) 12117361 Alternator Connector (with lead) 10055798 Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly 10085752 Belt (fan, water pump, A/C pump, and alternator) 10105212 Alternator and Power Steering Bracket 88985115 Power Steering Pump (reman) 14102096 Power Steering Pulley

    Price: $911.69