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Chevy Small Block Serpentine Accessory drive with A/C


Chevy Small Block Serpentine Accessory drive with A/C GM Performance Parts
    Parts #: 12497698
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    Parts #12497698

    Serpentine Accessory Drive System, with Air Conditioning
    • Fits Gen I-style engines
    • Deluxe kit includes all the components and hardware necessary to install on an engine with air conditioning, including water pump, alternator, power steering pump and idler bracket; belt included

    The system includes:
    10055800 Secondary Air Injector Pump Bracket
    88964863 Air Compressor Assembly (CR4)
    10129569 Idler Belt Pulley Bracket
    19201601 Water Pump Kit
    10055880 Water Pump Pulley
    10055879 Crankshaft Pulley
    19152464 Alternator Assembly – 105 AMP (reman)
    88987962 Alternator Connector (with lead)
    10055798 Drive Belt Tensioner Assembly
    88986814 Belt (fan, water pump, A/C, power steering pump, and alternator)
    10105212 Alternator and Power Steering Bracket
    19319858 Power Steering Pump (reman)
    12605677 Power Steering Pulley

    Price: $911.69